​TCM Hands-On Treatment Procedures


Acupuncture or Acupressure

Acupuncture is well known for relieving pain.  Do you know it also relaxes and recharges you so you feel more settled to handle life's demands?   After thorough examination of the abdomen, limbs, and tongue, treatment entails strategic stimulation of acupuncture points to regulate the whole body.  Practitioner is with you through the whole session to monitor your reactions.  Attention is not divided between you and other patients.  



Moxa makes you feel energized.  Instead of needles or pressure, Japanese medicinal mugwort, an herb that has been aged for 12 years, is applied to specific acupuncture points to infuse energy into the body and revitalize physiological function.  Only one point is treated at a time.  Moxa is essential for treating chronic fatigue. 



Cupping makes you feel light and fluffy.  Cupping is a form of myofascial release which lifts the skin, fascia, and muscles away from the bones to create more space for blood circulation.  Cupping detoxifies the body and enhances your immunity.  Cupping is very beneficial to cancer patients who have undergone chemo or radiation therapy.  Practitioner is with you and working the cups throughout the session.  You are never left unattended with cups attached for 20-30 minutes.


Gua Sha                     

Gua Sha is fantastic for stubborn pain, frozen shoulder, and internal organ inflammation.  Press-stroking of the skin increases micro-circulation of surface tissue, thereby reducing inflammation and stimulating the immune system.  Gua Sha up-regulates heme oxygenase to reduce internal organ inflammation in disorders like asthma and hepatitis.



TCM Treatments:


TCM Hands-On Treatment

*COVID-19 proctective measures such as outdoor treatment apply*

Each session is one on one with the physician who is with you throughout the entire treatment to assess changes and ensure your comfort and safety.  You are not seen for 15 minutes and then left alone for 45 minutes while other patients are being seen.  You have the undivided attention of the doctor for the entire session. 


Plan for 1.5 to 2 hours for your initial session which includes consultation, evaluation, and treatment. The first session entails an extensive evaluation in which I spend time investigating your medical history, lifestyle, health concerns, and treatment goals.  I want to know what matters to you and how your lifestyle and dietary habits contribute to your sense of well-being.   


Follow up sessions are typically 1 hour in duration.  Depending on your needs and preferences, 1-3 TCM procedures (acupuncture, moxa, cupping, gua sha) and infrared therapy may be incorporated into your treatment.  


Custom Herbal Consultation *Virtual consultation available* 

Plan for 2 hours for an herbal consultation.  Your symptoms, lifestyle, and diet are assessed to figure out the root cause of your symptoms.  After the consult, I research formulas to devise a tailored herbal regimen, a combination of multiple formulas that work synergistically to address your health concerns and to support your lifestyle. 


My herbal prescriptions are based on 5 key systems that need to function properly to initiate the healing process: blood and lymphatic circulation, digestion, elimination, sleep, and male/female reproduction.  With herbal treatment, you must follow up weekly via text to report your progress, so that I can make adjustments to herbal formulas and dosages as needed. These follow ups are included in the consultation fee.  Unlike Western medicine, your dosages are progressively lowered as symptoms alleviate and your resilience elevates. The cost of the herbal formulas is not included in the consultation fee.


Wellness Coaching Virtual Consultation: Learn to nourish your life with the ancient wisdom of Tradition Chinese Medicine.  Western ideas of health, exercise, and diet are radically different than what Chinese Medicine teaches.  Learn how to free up more energy and feel good through proper foods, exercise, and acupressure points for your specific health needs.