Root Resilience is about nourishing life.  It is a different mindset that focuses on health care rather than sick care. Health care improves physiology and sense of wellness, whereas sick care manages pathology and state of illness. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I help patients to get well and to stay well through patient engagement and routine health care that releases, relaxes, and revitalizes the individual.  Just as plants need fertilizer at regular intervals to nourish their roots and grow, humans also need preventative health care at regular intervals to fortify their root resilience and thrive.  My mission is to empower patients to function on a higher level through holistic medicine that fortifies their root resilience. 


The body has an amazing capacity to heal. My job as a physician of Chinese medicine is to ignite and fortify that capacity. To treat patients, I may use one or more of the following procedures: custom herbal prescriptions, acupuncture/pressure, e-stim, cupping, heat therapy, or gua sha. In treatment, points on the body are gently stimulated to initiate the healing process.  Chinese medicine can treat much more than just pain.  I welcome complex cases in which conventional western medicine has no satisfactory therapy.


I graduated from Amherst College with a B.A. in Asian Languages and Civilizations before completing the Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine and the Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine degrees at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. In 2013 I received the Golden Flower Award for excellence in herbal medicine. I am board certified by state and national standards, and I continue to hone my skills by studying with international masters such as Shoji Kobayashi, Suzanne Robidoux, and Ann Tam.